80% of people do NOT wash their hands after going to the toilet

Do you really want to touch the door handle?

No-one wants to touch the handle and we get creative

Use Paper towel

many places and reinstalled paper towel dispensers.

Throw paper towel on the floor

Many places have installed additional bins.

Use a sleeve

Let’s not think about your sleeve afterwards.

Use Your foot!

Clever but we have an easier way.

There is an easy Solution

It does involve Your Foot!

Transform your Door in Minutes

Fit the “Kleen Door” so you open the door with your foot instead of your hand.

Kleen Door in Use

Fits to bottom of the Door

No Paper towel on the floor

Clear Signage

A simple way to transform a door in a matter of minutes.  Easy to install, easy to use.  No more stress about touching a germy handle.  No more stress about having to keep the handle clean.  Brilliant in many situations, in particular exit doors from bathrooms.  With the Kleen Door there’s no need to waste money on paper towel, let customers and open the door with their foot instead of their hand.

The Kleen Door is a simple solution to today’s challenges and allows business to evolve and and visibly show customers they are different and that they take their customer’s health and well being seriously.




Next Day Dispatch from Sydney

Quick and simple
to install

The Kleen Door

Kleen Door

Hospital Grade Stainless Steel.  Ridges so easy for any shoe to grip.  Bumpers to protect surrounds.

All you need

Kleen Door, Decal, 3 x Barrel bolts and instructions – fits in minutes.

Who Can Benefit?

Shopping Centres

  • Public Bathrooms
  • Service areas

Commercial Buildings

  • Exit doors from Public Bathrooms
  • Staff Break Out Rooms
  • Staff Kitchenette
  • Stationary Stores
  • Photocopy / shared admin areas


  • Exit doors from Public Bathrooms
  • Food Preparation Areas
  • Staff Break Out Room
  • Entrance door

Medical and Allied Health

  • Exit doors from Bathrooms
  • Treatment / Procedure Rooms
  • Entrance door

"New Normal" is not so new

The “New Normal” is here to stay.  As businesses we need to adapt and make it a part of how we do “our thing”.  This simple addition to high contact doors will reduce the chance of becoming a COVID cluster.

Kleen Door in Use
Kleen Door Kit

Installed in Minutes

Takes minutes to install, a simple visible change to your premises that customers, patients, patrons and staff will appreciate.

Kit comes with all you to need to install it. 

What does Kleen Freek™ stand for?

We make it Simple

Products do what you would expect and promise. We have done the research so you don't have to.

Protect Your Business

Complying with legislation and ensuring your business does not become a COVID Cluster is now mission critical.

A Safe Place

Ensuring customers and staff are safe and feel safe. Solutions that are often visible and reassure customers that your business is a safe place to come to.

Cost Effective

Business is hurting. Our solutions are cost effective, we are here for the long term.

Reduce Germs

All products reduce germs. You will not find products that look good and do nothing.

Adapt to New Normal

The "New Normal" is here to stay. Our solutions are designed to easily fit within your day to day operations.

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