Our Story

We are seasoned business operators and our main businesses services the 4 and 5-star hospitality market.

When things hit hard, we did what comes naturally and focussed on what could we do to help now and in the future.

Within a week, we offered free software to help the shellshocked hospitality industry and they were too shocked to even take us up on completely free, no strings attached software worth thousands of dollars.

So………… we looked further ahead to anticipate what they would need and we secured products and tools to help them with the “New Normal”.

We found a range of products that would help in the “New Normal” and most were focussed on making day to day operations “CONTACTLESS”.

We soon realised much of what we learning and finding would benefit many industries, not just the 4 and 5-star hospitality market.

We wanted to help more businesses.

So................ we created Kleen Freek™

We are totally focussed on helping business get back up on its feet fast and adapt to the “New Normal”.

No business can afford the damage to their reputation if they become a COVID-Cluster let alone the additional disruption to day to day operations should that occur.

At the same time, businesses need to get back to doing its thing and businesses that have the general public enter their premises have a challenging situation.

They want and need the public to come back to them.

They need to make customers and staff feel welcome and safe and at the same time implement changes in day to day operations to reduce the chance of spreading germs.

What does Kleen Freek™ Stand For?

We make it Simple

Products do what you would expect and promise. We have done the research so you don't have to.

Protect Your Business

Complying with legislation and ensuring your business does not become a COVID Cluster is now mission critical.

A Safe Place

Ensuring customers and staff are safe and feel safe. Solutions that are often visible and reassuring tha this is a sfae place to come to.

Cost Effective

Business is hurting. Our solutions are cost effective, we are here for the long term.

Reduce Germs

All products reduce germs. You will not find products that look good and do nothing.

Adapt to New Normal

The "New Normal" is here to stay. Our solutions are designed to easily fit within your day to day operations.

Our Happy Place

It’s tricky but not impossible and believe it or not, this type of challenge is our “happy place”. 

No matter what businesses we have operated, part of it has always been REALLY understanding what our customers need and finding creative solutions.  The solutions may be a way of doing something or a product or a product intended for one purpose and using it differently to help out a client.

Brendon is legendary in his ability to literally scour the globe and keep on top of trends and secure the impossible to find and if it doesn’t exist, he creates it.

It’s not easy and it takes years of experience to do it well.  In the last few weeks, we have vetted and analysed a myriad of products and suppliers and are excited to launch the first product that we truly believe will help thousands of businesses.

Our First Product - Aura Aware

As soon as we saw it we thought “That’s Brilliant”.  We love the way it can easily be integrated and it’s respectful of the business, the staff and the customers.

No more chairs creating a 1.5 m “Safe Zone” between customers and employees.

The Aura Aware. The smart distance awareness device is a convenient reminder to your employees and customers to maintain healthy distancing. Staying 1.5 metres apart simply doesn’t come naturally.

There’s more to come……………………


PS Have you heard of electrostatic sprayers?

You probably have seen them on the news.  We were researching them for the hospitality market, they are amazing and at least one major hotel group will be using them across the globe.

Yes, Brendon is working with the manufacturer and has managed to secure stock, we have already helped many businesses and are happy to help you too.

If you run a businesses that is “finding it’s way” and learning to adapt to the “New Normal”, and want to stay up to date, please provide your details we will NOT spam you or pass on your information, we are genuinely focussed on helping you thrive.

Easy Ways to Adapt

Ideas that are sure to make it easy to adapt to the New Normal.