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Social Distancing with the "COVID Cop"

Let the “COVID Cop” take care of Social Distancing so you can take care of your business.

Making Headlines "Aussie business solves social distancing faux pas"​

Deborah Knight from 2GB highlights how the “COVID cop” is helping businesses make sure  social distancing is sorted.  Listen to the Interview.

Click to watch, see the Aura Aware at 60sec

Ticker TV with Adrian Franklin.

Staying 1.5 metres apart simply doesn’t come naturally

The Aura Aware™ smart sign is a convenient reminder to your team members and those your help to maintain healthy distancing.

Unlike most Social distancing measures, it actually works and changes people’s behaviour.

Unlike a sneeze guard, it is inviting and allows people to talk, interact and hear each other.

If someone gets too close it will automatically change from green to red.

Has an optional sound alert too.

Universal – Green is Good, Red is Bad.

Who can benefit from a Smart Sign?

Suits many types of businesses and situations.  Cafes and Restaurants, Medical Centres and Allied Health, Retail, particularly consultative sales process, bulky goods, car sales and traditional retail.

Cafes, Restaurants

Medical, Allied Health

High Ticket Sales


Shopping Centres

A polite reminder to social distance with a clear warning if a person is too close to help keep your staff, customers and business safe.  If a person gets too close, the display will automatically glow red.  When the person moves back, the display will return to green.  Has an optional sound alert too.  You can set the alert distances to suit your situation with our free App.



Aura Aware


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The polite way to say “Back Up Please

The Aura Aware™ is a smart distance awareness device that helps employees and customers remain at a safe and healthy distance in public spaces.

The patented technology scans the room to detect if anyone is within the 1.5 metre distance. A red alert warns employees and customers when they are too close.

If you are a business that must have a COVID Marshall, a Smart Sign can help to take care of some of the burden.

Businesses that MUST have a COVID Marshall do change, but at this point in NSW and SA – Food Premises, Clubs, Pubs and Indoor Gyms.  

By example, in NSW cafes must have an easily identified COVID Marshall at lunch 12pm to 3pm, dinner 5pm to 9pm and other peak periods.

Please check your State Government website for current requirements.

More ways to Protect YOUR Business

So much has changed so fast and at Kleen Freek we have always looked ahead.  It is clear that one way or another, things will be different forever.  The time has come for businesses to put in place long term solutions that help their business to grow and evolve, not just survive.

Disinfecting has never been more important

Ultrarapid Sanitisation so you can protect your business, your team and those you serve.

Why are Electrostatic Sprayers the New Standard in infection control?

Save Time – 70% Faster

Save Money – 65% Less Chemical

Gets Everywhere – Electrostatic wrapping means “shadow” areas are treated

Touchless – No need to wipe over, means no cross contamination, less labour, no cloths, disposable towels

First seen on airlines, now they are being used everywhere and we finally have stock in Australia.

Schools and Childcare

Transport – Public and Commercial


Buses – staff and student

Contact LESS Door

Turn a high contact door into  a no contact door in minutes

Open the door with your foot instead of your hand.

The Kleen Door can be added in minutes and turns a high contact door into a low contact door.

Suits most doors, wood, metal and glass with a frame.

One less high contact surface is one less headache.

Most common use is bathroom exit doors.  Many businesses are reinstalling paper towels as people use them to open the door after washing their hands.

High traffic doors such as procedure rooms, food preparation areas, staff amenity areas like kitchens, photocopy, office supplies, can be turned into low contact doors.

We have all had to REACT, now it's time to EVOLVE

The “New Normal” is here to stay.  As businesses we need to adapt and make it a part of how we do “our thing”.  With Aura Aware™, implementing social distancing is hassle free, attractive and cost effective.

The Aura Aware™ can be placed in the right location for your business be it a reception desk, a retail counter, a service desk.  It can even be powered by a power bank like the one you may use for your phone.  So it really can be used anywhere.

This elegant visual display instantly assures your customers or patients that you are a safe place and you are taking your responsibilities and obligations seriously.

If you still have stools or hazard tape or temporary signs, take a moment to add value to your business.  Replace those temporary solutions with the Aura Aware™.

How does Kleen Freek™ help you?


Products do what you would expect and promise. We have done the research so you don't have to.

Protect Your Business

Complying with legislation and doing all you can to ensure your business does not become a COVID Cluster is now mission critical.


Ensuring customers and staff are safe and feel safe. Solutions that are often visible and reassure customers that your business is a safe place to come to.

Cost Effective

Our solutions are cost effective, we are focussed on supporting businesses to recover fast and stay operational.

Reduce Germs

All products reduce germs. You will not find products that look good and do nothing.

Adapt to New Normal

The "New Normal" is not so new. Our solutions are designed to easily fit within your day to day operations.

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