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Staying 1.5 metres apart simply doesn’t come naturally

The Aura Aware™ smart distance awareness device is a convenient reminder to your team members and customers to maintain healthy distancing.

A polite reminder to social distance with a clear warning if a person is too close to help keep your staff, customers and business safe.  If a person gets too close, the display will automatically glow red.  When the person moves back, the display will return to green.  Has an optional sound alert too.  You can set the alert distances to suit your situation with our free App.




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The Aura Aware™ Collection

Oak White

Classic Aura Aware™ European design with wood-finished baseplate and white topping. Will blend in perfectly with any interior designs.

Mahogany Gold

Exclusive Aura Aware™ with a mahogany wood baseplate and gold topping. This design fits well with more traditional decors.

The polite way to say “Back Up Please

The Aura Aware™ is a smart distance awareness device that helps employees and customers remain at a safe and healthy distance in public spaces.

The patented technology scans the room to detect if anyone is within the 1.5 metre distance. A red alert warns employees and customers when they are too close.

In the Media

How can you ensure customers and service desk employees maintain sufficent distance?  The Amsterdam-based company TryLikes invented and created a sensor-device that warns when people come too close to each other.

18 Apr 2020

The Aura Aware is a new product that can help us find our way in the 6ft (1.5m) society.  The device turns red and starts beeping when you’re coming too close.

23 April 2020

Dutch Prince Constantijn Van Otanje-Nassau about Aura-Aware smart distance device on TV.

7 May 2020

Safe at the counter.  No tape on the floor, yet everybody in the queue keeps 1.5 metres from the counter.  The Aura Aware™ uses a smart laser for that.

15 May 2020

Client Reviews

Inter IKEA - Marco Swaen

"For us Aura Aware is a great solution to make sure our employees feel safe while working and our customers remain at a safe and healthy distance while visiting."

Wereldehave Head of Marketing and Customer Experience, Wereldhave

"At Wereldhave we use Aura Aware at The Point (the service desks in our shopping malls) and at the reception at our headquarters. A stylish tool that provides a friendly reminder towards employees and custoers to maintain the recommended distance of 1.5 metres."

Marco Knuist - Director Facilities Europe, Cognizant

"At European Facility Manangement inside Cognizant we want to create a safe, healthy and pleasant work environment for our people and guests. Aura Aware helps us ensure that our people and guests are kept a safe distance from our reception staff so that the risk of possible contamination is reduced."

We have all had to REACT, now it's time to ADAPT

The “New Normal” is here to stay.  As businesses we need to adapt and make it a part of how we do “our thing”.  With Aura Aware™, implementing social distancing is hassel free, attractive and cost effective.

The Aura Aware™ can be placed in the right location for your business be it a reception desk, a retail counter, a servce desk.  It can even be powered by a power bank like you may use for your phone.  So it really can be used anywhere.

This elegant visual display instantly assures your customers or patients that you are a safe place and you are taking your responsibilutes and obligations seriously.

If you still have stools or hazard tape or temporary signs, take a moment to add value to your business.  Replace those temporary solutions with the Aura Aware™.

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